module that displays .vcv patch name

with our without path, like “c:\pizza\spaghetti.vcv”

in standalone I can read it on the window, but inside the DAW it’s not possible to.

sometimes I have 5-10 instances of Rack inside Reaper and I would be able to figure it out without remembering it.

support told me that “the title of the plugin window is not editable by the plugin in most plugin types” and they will continue to look into an option to do so.

do you know a module that can return at least the name of the patch?

You could use the VCV Notes module and type the patch name into it.

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that’s an idea. I use the submarine text but sometimes I forget to :+1:

Purfenator displays the patch title on the module


TOP thank you!

This is perfect for the job - it even changes when you change the Patch Name or (most useful) includes the * on an unsaved patch.

Yep, you could even use it to colour the background of each patch differently so you have an immediate visual cue.

However, I haven’t tested Purfenator in DAW with multiple plugin instances, please do let me know if you discover any bugs with that…

on the first instance it has the sub-menus, on the other ones the name is correct but you have no controls on colors and so on

Yeah, I thought this might be an issue, the Purfenator module has a multi-instance guard so that if you have two of them in a single patch it doesn’t cause conflicts.

I’m not sure if there is a solution to this, possibly if there is a way to detect when Rack is hosted in a DAW I could switch off the guard.

Any dev know if that is possible?

you are very kind taking care about this. is there a text file which I can edit to have my own default colors? win 10 at the moment

Not a text file no, but what you could do is run VCV Rack stand-alone, set Purfenator to how you want it, and then save that as the default preset.

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Yes, settings::isPlugin will tell you that.


have read it somewhere but didn’t remember and never used it…it’s time :broccoli:

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Thanks @Richie

I’ll try to fix this issue for the end of February release.

after few saves here and there I was not able to open the instances in the DAW anymore, had to delete the tracks, open in standalone, delete the module(s) and work without.


Multiple DAW instances of Purfenator should be possible in the February beta (and once that becomes v2.4.38 and makes it to the library hopefully at the end of the month)