module storage space on HDD

quick question, how much storage do modules usually take up on your computer?

1.2G /usr/local/squash/VCV-Plugins

Note that I have VCV’s stuff on a compressed filesystem (Linux squashfs), so the actual disk consumed is far less.

2237 modules - 1.96 GB

22GB and I have only nysthi

( with debug symbols :rofl: )


I have a bit over 1 GB with around 1557 modules

800 MB in 1478 modules. All free, except the Entrian Sequencer set. No debug symbols :rofl:, I code for work not for hobby :wink:


1.29Gb - all the free modules plus Entrian Drummer, Melody, CV and Timeline. It looks like that is 2244 modules.

2.67Gb in my Patches folder.

621,697,322 bytes (668.2 MB on disk) for 8,487 items

65 subdirectories of “plugins-v1” for subscriptions.

It’s early yet.