Module similar to Doepfer A-156 dual quantizer?

I’m taking my first tentative steps into hardware modular starting with a ES-3, 960 sequencer plus 962 switch and a A-156 quantizer initially to be going into Behringer Neutron, Model D and an MS-20 mini.

Is there a VCV module close in usage to the A-156 so I can try a few ideas out before it arrives?

Hm, not that I know of. It depends on how you want to quantize which module is a good substitution. With Gate/Trigger-In, so that you need a trigger to change a note, I would recommend Algoritmarte HoldMeTight. Without trigger, so that when the signal reaches the threshold to the next quantized note, it changes immediately, then most of the quantizer will work, VCV Fundamental (with the benefit of a lot of scales in the presets) or ML Audio Quantum (with the benefit of generating a trigger on note change and all the transpose-features of the A-156).


Will check that out, cheers, I wasn’t expecting any module as a complete facsimile of it.

As an avid A-156 fan I also recommend HoldMeTight.

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