Module similar to Doepfer A-101-6 ?

Is there a VCV module similar to the Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage Opto FET VCF ?

No idea, but you are the man to create one! I’ll use it, if you make it! What happened to your ‘Tape’ module would love to see that in VCV Rack! Are you thinking of making the Doepfer Filter?


Maybe I’ll create a module similar to the A-101-6. But my tape module comes first.


Good another one will be good, will it be different things to other tape fxs, I await with bated breath! So what makes the Doepfer A-101-6 so special, it does sound interesting any audio examples would be appreciated.

I’m not working on a tape-FX, I’m working on a tape-recorder aka sampler.

Here’s a sound example:

A tape sampler that does sounds interesting, so any different features/functions would be very much anticipated. You going to make a similar idea to the Youtube videos you had on your Tape unit thread? Bloody hell, that Doepfer filter sure knows how to mangle audio and that’s only in the 1st minute! Thanks for keeping me posted and for the audio.

You’re welcome!

I moved the discussion about my upcoming tape-module to Tape Machine - sneak preview

Nice evolving noise patch! It’s cool when you find something so simple that can create such a variety of tune-able sound. I wonder if you have any interest in posting an image of the patch, e.g. using

Reproducing the sonic character of analog distortion in software is terribly difficult, especially in the extremes of gain and breakup where the difference between idealized performance (which is easily modeled mathematically) and actual performance grows.

The best extreme distortion in VCV that I’m aware of is VCV Library - chowdsp Warp ( Flame (Vult Premium) is the main distortion I use, personally.

It’s seems as though one of the distinctive features of the A-101-6 is the outboard feedback loop, although given your two module patch I suspect it’s not in use there? I’m not aware of a filter that explicitly opens up the feedback path, but I’d try playing around with feeding distorted filter output back into the filter and see what you can come up with.

I’m sorry, this was a spontaneous session on a hardware I had temporarily access to that time. The only thing existing today is the audio recording.

Thank you! I’ll try that out.