Module Search in VCV 2.4.0 vs. some older version

In 2.4.0 I see a strange behavour in the Module Browser search. Regardless that it’s set to random I always get the same modules in the same order.

Does any of you still have an older version of VCV Rack? Could you please test the search for me? Was it always like this?

OK I found a copy of VCV Rack Free 2.1.2 and it was the same method there.

Modules in the browser aren’t sorted by the selected sort criteria when you use a search term - they’re sorted by relevance to the search term. I don’t really love it either

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I think the algorithm for “most used” option is messed up in VCV Module Browser. The only Impromptu module I use is the Clocked. And I use it in all of my patches. It’s part of my start-up template for years.

How comes that five never-seen modules are raked higher?