Module Reset Opening New Module

I just installed VCV 2.2.0 on Windows 10 under Bitwig 4.4.3 and every time I add a new module to a patch various settings in a module already loaded are reset. For example, open any oscillator and patch it to the output, now open a modulator of any sort and the coarse tuning of the module is reset to zero.

This behavior doesn’t exist in the standalone version and works as expected.

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Did you have the same problem with Rack v2.1.2 on the same machine and Bitwig?

No, though I wasn’t able to install the Pro version on my Windows 10 Surface Book for the past year and only yesterday got it to go. I no longer have an older version to try on this machine as I’m traveling but when I get home next week, I could try the previous version that’s been working fine on my desktop. I’ll also be able to try this new release on that machine to see if the problem exists their too.

I can reproduce this in Bitwig with the VST3 plugin, but nowhere else.

Has anyone seen it go wrong in any other DAW, or with any other plugin types?

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…or conversely, has anyone seen the same problem in Bitwig with other VST3 plugins that can dynamically change their parameters?

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Great, I’m not the only one. I have the exact same setup with the same behavior. Also, when VCV comes up in bitwig, it doesn’t load my VCV template. Just curious do you have Bitwig and VCV installed in their default locations?

-Edit. The VST2 version seems to be working as expected. One difference I noticed is that the top knob on plug-in window changes to “Reserved” when you move knobs in Rack. I think thats called the joker knob?

The VST/plugin template and the standalone template are seperate and two different files. Plugin template is named “template-plugin.vcv” and standalone template is named “template.vcv”. You need to modify and save your plugin template seperately.

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Oh, that makes sense. Thank you.

I experienced this last night with the count modula 8x8 gate. Wanted to investigate it before reporting… but here we go. :slight_smile:

Is it a vst3/bitwig issue only issue so far?

edit: i tested in bitwig 4.4.3 and VST2 and the problem is not there. gonna try 4.4.4 & VST3 next.

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