module `name` attribute in `plugin.json`

This is probably a question for @Vortico unless anyone else has an insight?

If I change the name of a module in the plugin.json file, will that break anything?

I originally named my PolySplice module with a prefix, but abandoned that for subsequent modules, so ideally I’d like to fix that and remove the Nu- part, but only if there are no detrimental side effects. (The slug would stay the same).

I have changed it locally for myself and I don’t see any issues so am hoping this is fine.

      "slug": "PolySplice",
      "name": "Nu-PolySplice",
      "description": "[7hp][Nu-Metal] Polyphonic switch with up to 5 seconds slew.",
      "tags": [
      "keywords": "numetal splice sequential window slew",
      "manualUrl": ""

I would assume that name is for display purposes only, and that slug is what is critical for patches and APIs etc.

But best to get a conclusive answer on this.

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“Unlike slugs, the name can be changed at any time without breaking patch compatibility.”


Doh, RTFM, thanks!

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Only downside is that it can confuse users, especially if they’re following on old video or forum using the module with it’s old name.

Make sure to update your docs, and note the old name.