module list

Would it be possible to generate a text list of modules, possibly sorted by category?

Look for Chow Credit, that module does generate a module list of the patch it’s loaded in.

Thank you. But that’s not really what I am looking for. I am trying to make an overview of all the modules in my library, and sort them into a list that makes sense to me. The way it is organised in the browser now, I find it hard to find what I need. Let’s say I do not entirely agree with the way the tagging system works, especially because many modules have tags that are not completely representative.

I would have loved to be able to arrange modules by my own categorisation, which is possible with vst plugins in Cubase. But that’s not possible. Next best thing: a list in Excel. For that, I was hoping to be able to create an overview of all the modules, instead of typing all of them in manually. There must be some place where the list actual modules that I have access to is stored, or am I wrong?

Should be able to parse output from

Internally used in Rack - subject to change.

Only lists modules from vcv library - not local ones.

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Each plugin you have installed has its own plugin.json file which contains the metadata of each individual module in that plugin, along with descriptions and tags.

or perhaps this:

And the json collection here:

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Thanks. That sounds a bit complicated, but I will give it a go!

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Is this still something you are working on, or would be interested in?

I would be really interested in this, but I am not working on it, because it takes too much time. I would love having a way to arrange modules in a way that works for me, just like I can do in Cubase with my vst plugins. The categories in the VCV browser are usable, but nowhere near perfect, and sometimes it takes me way too long to find what I am looking for. I always forget the names of modules, so I need to sort things in a logically (for me) way, preferrably in folders (did I mention Cubase yet?) Of course, if someone were interested in creating this, I would be more than happy to help, think, and test.