Module idea - one knob sequencer

Hello everybody,

I’ve had an idea in my mind for a while now. Does a module already exist that sends specific values (which can be configured) by turning a single knob?

This behavior can be achieved, for example, by using the Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ. You can set up different values on the 8 knobs of the sequencer and turn the select knob. However, it would be great to have a module with just one knob, allowing you to set up different values and send these values in sequence by turning the knob.

Of course, it would be amazing if you could choose how many different values the knob will send, from 2 to many.

The main purpose is to use it with a MIDI controller. You could map this knob to a physical potentiometer, and instead of sending a full range of values, it would send only your desired values. I can see several cases where this would be useful.

I don’t know how hard it would be to program this module, but considering that modules like the ADDR-SEQ already exist, I believe it would be possible.

For example, imagine a module like the ADDR-SEQ, but with one big knob for selecting steps, 16 knobs for different steps, a knob for selecting the length, and one output. For instance, if I wanted to control only three specific values: -5, 0, and 5, I would select a length of 3 steps, set the first 3 steps to -5, 0, and 5, and finally achieve my goal by turning the select knob. This is just an example of how this one-knob sequencer could work or look like.

Thank you for your insights.




Mutable Instruments Macro controler is pretty close to that, with 4 outputs, the possibility to interpolate or snap at new values, and the 4 outputs can act as CV for the VCAs of 4 inputs. Check it !


I think ADDR already rocks for the purpose. It even has the ASX expander to add how ever many steps you like, it’s compact and simple to use, if you want a bigger knob just send Vult Knobs to the select input. I also have enjoy the Keyframer from audible instruments, cool for similar usage, but with other features like interpolation of values.


Yes you are right, ADDR-SEQ is quite good solution for this purpose. For example here, I am controlling tune of sickoSampler with ADDR and uMAP because if I map directly the MIDI controller, it would not be so precise.

Right, but I use uMap when there is no cv input. You have 2 inputs, one is scaled V/oct and the other linear control with attenuverter (like your uMap).