Module Idea - MIDI CC Label and Value Display

For live work I’m planning to make a cardboard template, one per patch, to fit over my midi controller with labels by each of the knobs, as a clue to which one does what.

But how about a module that shows a bank of MIDI CC current values with customisable labels by each one? E.g. “#1 Delay Time: 20” Simple as that :smiley:

Or even some kind of scaling from midi value to real world value e.g. 20 -> 1.5s

If the answer is there is one already, fantastic. If the answer go and write one, maybe it is time…

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I’m not sure if I understand your request correctly. You can take a look at my MIDI-CAT module which allows custom labels of the mapping slots and blinks the mapping indicators for quick reference.
Also, in the current development build every slot has scaling for input CCs and slew-limiting.

do you mean something like that? the missing part here is the text slots,but i use glue from @stoermelder .

i made this for Mpk25 layout , each knob output value and i just need to map the controller.

Ben, Thank you. It’s a good module, I was wanting to use the CC values as CVs, rather than mapping to a module control. And with some visual indication - probably quite a large panel. The thing being that, playing live, I would like a simple display in one place, as moving around a patch diagram is difficult.

However, by using your MIDI-CAT, Glue and 8Vert I can achieve something workable for now. I’ve just hooked up one, but if I do all of them I will have a workaround version of what I’m after.

Better than cardboard as it shows the current value of the control :smile:

But imagine having that in all in one elegant module!?


Omer, I can’t quite make out the photo - but if that display bit is showing CC values, that might do the trick. Which module is it?

What you are doing with 8vert is implemented in the development build of PackOne and will be available in the next update. Labels in MIDI-CAT won’t happen, sorry.

Edit: After reading you answer again, I think MIDI-CAT is not the right module for your purpose. It is especially designed for parameter mapping and not for CV…

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It’s not a perfect fit true, but I definitely see a use for it. After all, some things can’t be CV controlled in a module.

as you see, this is a really simple i have names underneath each knob K1,K2… but because this was made with Geco to my specific case i don’t think this will make a different for you . if you want i can share it with you :slight_smile:

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Omer, thank you. Yes I see. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about - a module with the knob layout mirroring the hardware midi controller (Arturia MiniLab and Akai MPK mini my case).

In my fantasy module, I’d have it doing what MIDI-CC does, but with custom labels and an indicator of the current CC value. So on stage, I’d have that big panel ‘to view’ with all the guts off to one side.

I’m not even vaguely set up to write modules at this point, but thank you for the offer. At last I’ve found a module that hasn’t been written yet :smiley: One day, the I’ll get the bug.

For the moment, back to the cardboard template. Ho hum.

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Omer. That looks ace! And you use MIDI-Map or MIDI-Cat to map the hardware to each of your controls?

The Arturia Mini Lab has 16 (yes 16 knobs!) - in fact 18 as two have a ‘shift’ CC as well. But I was preparing some patches yesterday, and 12 is currently about right. With expression provided by the pitch and mod strips which don’t need labels as such.

Would it be possible to try your module?

Sure! I think now MpMapper looks even better, just take in mind that text disappear after you close the patch, should be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! This was the spur to get set up to build a module. When the text is saved this will be great.

If you could squeeze another row of knobs in, making 16 then I’d be in seventh heaven. Possibly shrink the MpMapper caption and have single rows of label text? :smiley:

(I did get a little compile error on Windows around dataToJson but I guess this is around the text saving, and just commented that out).

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So I got to a good place with this, useful for me right now. Many thanks to Omer for help and inspiration - who will take it from here and do it properly :smile:


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