Module idea: Generic scripting expansion module

I’ve had a few requests for enhancements to my modules that started me thinking about a “scripting” module. For example, there are a lot of possibilities for modulating my groovebox module, including shifting tracks left or right, or transposing notes up or down, etc.

What if someone built a generic “scripting” expansion module that any modules (that wanted to supported it) could use?

This is a wild idea that I had while cooking up some tacos. The idea would be that any module could use the scripting expansion module and could interpret the commands however it wanted to. In other words, my module’s scripting language could be different than you module’s scripting language – except, perhaps, how step and reset behave?

I’m just tossing this out there to see what people think. I hope that you all have a wonderful holidays!

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That seems like the kind of thing that would really benefit from being an official VCV project.

I agree. Should I submit it as a feature request and see if they adopt it?

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I hoped that VCV Prototype will allow accessing the JSON of neighboring modules (like an expander). I even opened a ticket in GitHub.

But by Rack V2 the module was retired instead… :frowning:

There’s ModScript too, scripting of …

  • parameters
  • midi
  • cables
  • OSC messages

and WrongPeople LUA runs in Rack2 - it features lua, and 8xpoly(16) CV in and 8xpoly(16) out. (not in the library). I don’t know that it has any module expander functionality, it’s a standalone module with CV in/out.

and Ben of Stoermelder announced (yet unreleased) midi-kit.

I don’t think it’s nescessary that VCV/Andrew is the lead. Though, it wouldn’t hurt asking if he has something in the pipeline.

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both links give me an error (page not found) message, unfortunately


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OH! If my modules support various actions via system exclusives, then ModScript could potentially work. Very nice!