Module Idea: BIA-Esque Drum Synth

Posting this here because module suggestions topic is locked.

Has anyone considered creating a 6-osc drum voice that uses cross modulation, noise, or additive, kind of like BIA? I’ve played with the idea with myself in Pure Data and it seems pretty feasible, 6 oscillators with varying frequency response depending on mode and other parameters, toggle-able cross modulation, a few envelopes for master pitch, volume, and parameter modulation, etc. I wish I was skilled enough to try my hand at developing it, but I’m not good with DSP or C++.

Has anyone ever played around with this idea or considered developing it? It’d be super cool to see this in VCV,

Oh, I would love a BIA in VCV.

Here is a BIA-ish selection to play around with:

BIA-ish.vcvs (30.2 KB)

Some Features are not implemented, Harmonic for example where on the BIA the release of different harmonics are longer than others. But it is a 6 Voice additive Drum-Voice with Spread (top left Knobs) Waveshaper (bottom left Knobs), FM (bottom right knobs), Waveform (top right Knobs when Pigeon Plink is in T/S Mode, Pitch Envelope (Amount with FM on the Pigeon Plink) and Attack/Decay with the first Nysthi AD.

In the BIA the Spread Control moves from the harmonic series to the prime series for the harmonics of the 6 oscillators, I was not able to figure out the prime series, so it starts on the left with the harmonic series and then goes wilder (and more metallic) when you turn that. Try the attenuverters on the bottom of the knobs for rhythmic modulation.

Ooh, that looks cool! I’ve tried to recreate BIA in the past and it’s worked ok, it’s just hella unwieldly. Looks like youve got a pretty clean design, I’ll definitely have to try it.