Module for ON/OFF?!

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Another question I have is to do with the idea of turning something ON and simultaneously turning something OFF. For example, if I have 2 channels of a mixer each receiving different sounds and I want one to be ON and the other OFF (via VCAs for instance), but then switch those (i.e. to OFF and ON respectively). At the moment, I am using Count Modular’s Manual Gate which has the ON and OFF outputs, to manually do it.

BUT… there is no input to receive a gate or trigger to activate it. I’d love for that modular to be able to be triggered by another module’s gate output.

Either my brain is in a feedback loop of overthinking, but surely there must be a simple module somewhere (or dozens of them) that would do exactly that - be able to gate/trigger something ON for an indefinite amount of time and then OFF again by receiving triggers or gates of various lengths (that can be clocked by other modules and particular (long) subdivisions, etc)??

(I’ve tried thinking of using flip flips, switches, offset modules etc, but haven’t quite figured out a work around yet).

Thanks for any advice on this! AP

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You might want to try a switch, like:

This might also be interesting for you:

There are other switch types in other plugins, so a little shopping will help. :grin:

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You could use a cross-fader to flip one on and one off simultaneously.

If you need to trigger it from a gate, then use a flip-flop to turn gates into alternate high/low states


I would use this, and set it to latch mode. When it receives a trigger, it will either let “high” through, or “low” through. Send whatever you want muted to either one, and leave the other unpatched.

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or you can use logic not

edits: changed from countmodula to VCV logic not (+ 2nd try, forgot a wire)

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I suppose a simple attenuverter will do the trick.

As you suspected, and responses have confirmed, there are oodles of solutions.

Here are a couple more.

My Venom Bernoulli Switch can switch between two choices, with the option of adding probability for switching.

Depending on the mixer, you may have mute inputs that mute when receiving a high gate. Simply send a gate signal to one mute, and the negated gate signal to the other.

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