modular80 Releases

Version 1.0.2. of the modular80 plugin is available now.


  • Radio Music: Fix incorrect WAV file playback (thank you to @unlessgames for the bug report)

Hi. Thanks for this. I had recently heard about this module and was thrilled to see it in the library.

Just a quick question… how do the Sort Files and Allow All Files options work?

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Thanks for checking out the module!

The function that lists directory content (i.e. the list of files) is not deterministic on all systems, Sort Files will do an explicit alphabetical sort on the files in the directory chosen.

Allow All Files removes a file extension check on the files loaded by the module, which limits files to wav and raw files. You can load any file by choosing that option. Maybe an image? Use at your own risk!

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Thanks, much appreciated!

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