Modular Guitar Effects - Virtual Modular Channel

Not worth sharing this patch, as I’d have to supply the sample too which was a bit rough! It was just a quick take of another patch using Sifter for granular bits, some octave delay into a 100% wet reverb and random synth pads triggered from guitar. This will be probably be the next one in the modular guitar effects series, but in the meantime you can listen to it mashed up into a kind of ambient drone using the new Truffles module.

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Bonus video this week…and now for something completely different.

No guitar, but this is entirely made from bits of VCV feedback patches, chopped into sample hits and loaded into another VCV patch. It’s an unusual process…

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Well this was a bad idea, I’ve made my first voiceover video. Not really modular guitar, but it does use an old guitar loop as a starting point for granular shenanigans with one of the new Path Set modules!


Forgot to post this, basically a demo for the new Cytomic filter but there’s a guitar patch at the end. I have a few new guitar patches kicking about, just need to tidy them up and record something. So hopefully the next video should be another one of the modular guitar effects series.


Latest strangeness, no guitar again but some ambient textures with loads of effects. All the sound comes from the E350 Morphing Terrarium through filters.


Supernice atmosphere!

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Beautiful atmosphere-very Sci Fi orientated! Is the patch available to play around with? I would probably break it though :rofl:

Not yet @ady34, I could upload it later but to be honest it sounds a bit rubbish without the plugin effects. So really you’d need Silo and Fragments, plus Synthesis Technology and the Cytomic filter which are both paid collections. Up to you really, unless I get time to make a version with free modules. :wink:

Thanks, I have both the Synthesis Technology and the Cytomic filter. Fragments and Silo I don’t have. What do they do-Fragments-Granular, Silo reverb?

Both granular, both have reverb/pitch shift too, and Silo also has a ‘spatialiser’ which is a combination of panning and pitch. Both are very good, but have quite a different sound.

Using both of them in series was a bit much really, but kind of fun as an experiment. The reverb on Fragments creates a synth pad which isn’t in the patch, which is why I’m reluctant to share it without the effects.

Latest nonsense, Rings into a stupid amount of effects. Can’t go wrong with that!


Here’s number 13 in the modular guitar effects series…although I’ve just realised I made two videos captioned with #11! Such an amatuer.

This one uses an old module, Frequency Domain’s ‘Delayed Reaction’ spectral delay. Not the best demo, but I wanted to just get this out and finish the next one, which is a new acoustic guitar into Prince of Perception.




Man that sounds so good!!!

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@auretvh thanks, really appreciate it! I think the patch was better than the performance. It’s one of those patches that’s good for making loops to resample and use in other projects.

…not that I ever finish any of these mythical ‘other projects’ but you know, it’s a long term goal :wink:

I’m building up a library of samples and custom effects patches, and at some point I’ll mush it all together into a vast rambling soundscape with fragments of strange guitar sounds.


Lovely tone on the guitar too! It’s probably been asked above, but what are you using for your guitar gain stages?

Cheers Dan! The only outboard gear is a TC Electronic Hypergravity compressor which helps with setting levels, and gives some extra sustain. Apart from that I’m plugging straight into a Focusrite 2i2 interface then using Brainworx VST amp sims, which I bought from the Plugin Alliance website when they were on offer. I rarely pay full price for anything because I don’t make any money from this stuff, and it’s hard to justify buying the setup I’d like to be using (probably some exotic valve amp with a load box! $$$). Usually I use the Friedman Buxom Betty or DS-40 sims, but I think this video used the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50. I haven’t bought it yet, but you can trial all the plugins free for two weeks, so just trying it out. There are some excellent free amp sims too, I haven’t used it yet but NAM is meant to be good (Neural Amp Modeller).

I also use a cheap Behringer Ultra-DI box, just for the ground lift which reduces some of the noise and static. I find that noise is a real problem recording electric guitars into any type of computer, so sometimes I use a free noise reduction plugin in Host-FX (Bertom Denoiser Classic). That’s it really, the rest is all effects.

Here’s number 14 in the modular effects series, with a new guitar. I bought a cheap acoustic which I’m quite pleased with, although I just broke a string so no more recording until I get some supplies in the post! Have to say I didn’t realise how good Prince of Perception is for looping. You can also make granular sounds by toggling the freeze on and setting a short delay time, then scanning through the buffer in a similar way to Clouds. The reverse is super clean too.


Beautiful young fellow me lad! The link for the patch is not on this page but I ventured onto VCV Rack Patch storage and there it was. Thank you for making these, truly inspirational.

Thanks! I always put the patch link in the description on YouTube, but if you’re watching it embedded on the forum, you don’t see that. I’m quite pleased with the sound for a fairly cheap guitar. It’s got a pickup built in, but I mixed in a bit of mic input for a more natural sound, and some stereo width (the pickup and mic are panned slightly left and right).

Just put some Russian Balalaika show music through the patch using Sickosampler, liking the delay goodness right now.