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How do you VCV Community users feel about the alternatives to VCV Rack now a days such as the vintage Nord Modular 1 and G2 and the wonderful Reaktor and of course Cherry Audio Voltage Modular? There are others out there that I came across including the wonderful Kyma and Max For Live aka Max. The interesting thing I learned about also is a very strangely advanced Max type thing called Spaghetti for Reaper. UNBELIEVABLE how hard it would be for me to work with Spaghetti. Here’s a link to that one… I recommend it to any genius. It’s rare. It’s called ReaSpaghetti. A DAW miracle extension ReaSpaghetti Visual Scripter Alpha - Ages 4 to 99 - Cockos Incorporated Forums

EDIT: thanks! Very interested in this discussion but it should definitely be in the Lounge :slight_smile:

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Ok. I’m moving slow these days in terms of noticing things and memory so all I think is that if the op could move the discussion to the lounge it would be a treat to learn what people think of ReaSpaghetti and their opinions of the modern VCV equivalent. ReaSpaghetti is for a shareware DAW called Reaper that has version 7 coming out this year. I’m ready for it.

I started off my modular adventures with Cherry Audio, at the beginning of Lockdown. I was frustrated at the paucity of polyphonic modules available, so I did a search - and found VCV Rack. I haven’t been back.


I love the KVRAudio forum I learned about VCV from and find it very peculiar that VCV Rack has so many frigging modules and KVR has so many VST instruments and effects. There certainly seem to be tons of coders of VCV stuff and DAW’s and VST things. I don’t know the word paucity but there are a lot more polyphonic modules in VM now than earlier on. They seem to have about 1/3rd of the modules VCV has although they aren’t all the best of show.

in the mid 90s I saw Reason and my face was like :open_mouth:

today I have Rack2Pro + Reaper, and I don’t think I will go somewhere else in the near future.

btw, U-HE makes virtual modular synths, their stuff sounds incredible!

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I really hope Reason doesn’t de-activate all rack extensions for a long time because they have the 1 year net activation now and I think the authentication launch key is defunct now so I think I may have wasted too much on rack extensions because I’m 45 years old and have a ways to go.

VCV is great and all but it keeps not suiting me the way I want although I look very much forward to Reaper features. I love the digital stuff in VCV not the analog in ways but arrow scroll technique in it is too annoying and the zoom in ways is nice and in ways annoying.

I’m on the path to avoiding a real Eurorack ever getting in my hands. Real annoying to plugin cables and lurch over it I think if I got one.