Modeling the 808 kick drum with Vult

Here is a post where I describe in detail the analysis of the 808 kick drum. This is the model I used in the VCV Drums.

Oddly enough, making this model took me a few days, while writing the blog took me many weeks. I hope you like it.


My mind exploded about half way through, what a writeup! I wish I understood more than half though o_O

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This is a really neat and in-depth workflow! I used Mathematica in the past for studying PDEs in computational plasma physics, and it’s by far the best tool for this field. I’ve never tried System Modeler, but the schematic diagram definitely looks useful in this application.


I try to make my post as easy to understand as possible, but they still require basic electronics knowledge. My post on the Vult-DSP web site about the VCV Drums goes into less details. Here’s the link in case you have not seen it

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Oh, it is excellently written indeed, didn’t mean to imply that that was the source of my head not managing to wrap around more than half. I did read the making of when it was published, another good read. Thanks for sharing your vast experience and knowledge with the world!

Very interesting article … thank You very much for sharing.

The other article about ‘Modeling Analog Synthesizers’ is well worth reading, too.