MM Realtime Chariots of Fire.

Here is a real time multi timbral project that recreates the famous Chariots of Fire song by Vangelis.

The project requires some CPU power, so don’t starve it from threads. Also look for all the notes added on key places to know what’s going on.

The song is in C# Major.

You’ll need a breath controller or expression pedal for the brass.

You’ll need the VST host modules for Piano and Timpani. (you’ll need to load these yourself if you don’t have my very same libraries, both are from Komplete 11 using Kontakt 6)

There are a few key splits.

Brass: There are two brass sections, the one that plays at the higher notes over G#5 in the keyboard are tuned one octave lower so the piano shines with better accompaniment. You can use the Pitch wheel if you wanna reach higher notes. The low section (Timpani, low brass) doesn’t respond to pitch wheel so you can still hit your low bass C#1 and C#2 deep notes, move the pitch wheel to the max point and throw some nice high pitched downward brass glissando (a-la Blade Runner)

MOD Wheel controls the clap / double claps

Timpani: Plays only the lower section. (C2 / C3)

Piano: Plays across most of the keyboard. Beyond G6 is off.

Sequenced downwards arpeggio: Used between phrases, set on a single C#7 note and mutes when lower notes play.

A single low F1 note plays a high pitched FM “bell / triangle” meant to be played on key places, such as in the intro and almost every closure chord. Very characteristic from Vangelis.

That very F1 note is disabled on the Piano and Brass to avoid playing the third of the chord at such a low register for tonal clarity’s sake and still be able to play the “bell / triangle” sound.

I’m preparing a video of me executing a short version of the piece.

Have fun and let me know if you like it. :slight_smile: