ML S&H 8: Question about internal noise source

@martinl1968 I seem to not be able to find the docs for the S&H 8, which I use in nearly every patch I make.

Looking at a patch by Synthikat, he patches S&H 8 with a single trigger. Is the trigger normalled to all lower trigger inputs?

As we’ve discussed before, if you connect no input to the S&H it uses an internal noise source, but only one. Is it possible for a future release to use unique random values for unconnected S&H inputs?

It would be VERY useful to me to send a trigger at the top and get 8 unique values out, with no other inputs :wink:

while I would like this feature too,
in the meantime I use Geodesics Branes for similar tasks

I guess everyone has there “go to” modules for this stuff. I tend to use Vult Leakage when I want to use random noise with sample and hold because it has inbuilt range and offset controls.


I think that the best will be to add it here -
What you can do for now is use the S&H from ZZC. Its trigger inputs are also normalized, and each row samples a different random source so you will get different signals.


It’s pretty easy to make each one use a different noise source, I’m not a programmer but managed to create a version of Kinks with three sample and holds, each with its own noise source, because I missed Southpole’s Shhhh. I might be able to change the ML module and submit a pull request if ML is not interested in doing it himself (although I must stress that I am not a programmer).

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do you have a release version or a beta version of it?

Of kinks? The code is available here and I think you can install it alongside the original modules. I can provide a linux release but I have no idea what to do for windows and mac.

ML S+H become great then you’re route different sources through it: i tend to use it in pair with Branes as noise source(using different volt ranges). After it i route some CV signals from sequencer, something else. Such a simple module and so many features!

Computerscare Debug can function as a 16 channel S&H (single or polyphonic triggering is possible) with internal noise source. You’d have to use a “split” module to get the individual channels.