ML Quantum: Coming in v1.0?

Installed 1.0 and didn’t see any ML modules. Yet, watched Omri Cohen’s “Release Party” on YouTube and he plopped a Quantum into his v1.0 VCV rack. Where can one find those?

I bought Multiverse and would really like to have it in my v1.0


Omri had beta versions of some plugins.

ML modules should be in the plugin manager soon, but for now there are builds on GitHub.

I think the Pro ML modules are still to come.

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Thank you, Paul!

I downloaded the ML v1.0 zip file from github. Could you tell me where to put the contents so it will be seen by the library when I start v1.0?? Your help is much appreciated!!

You put the zip into the plugin folder and Rack will unzip it. In Windows the default is here:

Found the plugins-v1 folder and put the zip file into it. It unzipped and created the ML_modules folder. Hopefully, library will detect it. Again, many thanks!!!

It did, and the ML modules are now in library. Wheee! I have my Quantum back!

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