ML_modules 1.1.0

ML_modules 1.1.0 will soon hit the VCV library:

It contains the new PolyArp ( and the PolySplitter modules. Furthermore, Cloner has a new spread option, and the polyphony bugs of Sum MK II and the TrigDelay are fixed.


Nice one Martin, look forward to giving it a whirl!

Hi Martrin! On PolySpitter - when channels count on already connected poly cable is decreased - the internal counter of channel in your module doesn’t react (edit - only initialize helps). But if increased it do. Hope it helps EDIT - also on PolyArp - octave switcher is latch in 4 step (octave) on one additional step while decreasing.

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Thanks for reporting this. This is fixed now.


Hi Martin, Love the spread function of Cloner, but noticed the VC input for it has no effect.


Turned the knob using μMAP. Very cool effect.

Thanks for reporting. I will have a look.

Looks like you made cloner even better. I can’t wait to try it.

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