Mixer with Send(s)

I’m completely happy with Console except that it takes up a bit of space. Can I be lazy and ask if there are other mixers that include at least one send/return? I am aware of the Vult Send module, but I can’t figure out how to wire it up except to have many of them, which doesn’t buy me any more space.

KlirrFactory Modular Mixer(Gold edition is free) has a few Mixers and 2 different Sends. You canuse regular Channels as Return.
Check it: http://klirrfactory.com/product/klirrfactory-modular-mixer-for-vcv-rack-free-edition/

mixovnik (my go to) has 2 send returns
MscHack mixers have 4 and are more compact(I use them less because I’m less familiar with them)


i think the smallest solution would be the klirrfactory modules…i nearly always use the 8-channel mixer together with the aux send module. takes maybe 12hp or so. and you also have the possibility to use pan and cv

NYSTHI 4/8/16-Mix

no return, but you can granular mix on each of your sends, and then mix them back in as their own channels


This is how I patch it.

Thanks, folks.

mscHack is nice.

Cf’s modular mixers are also nice; they don’t explicitly have or need send return since you are controlling their signal flow directly anyway.

Do the paid mixers do anything the open source ones don’t?


VCV Console is a nice paid option. I prefer to use it as my main mixer.

Two things:

  1. Helps prevent Andrew Belt from having to get a job at Target.
  2. Console looks very polished. (Yes, looks extremely matter to me.)

My goal at the beginning of the thread was to find something that does what Console goes in less space. I don’t think that’s going to happen at this point in time.

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The new Squinky Labs mixer is a clone of the favorite AS 8-CH, but with a stereo send/return, anti pop, solo/multi-solo, CV for mutes.


I noticed that. Thanks!

What are the X jacks for?

Same as on the AS mixer - expansion input. From the manual:
X: Expansion inputs. Typically the output of another mixer is run into the expansion inputs. Signal here is just mixed to the output along with everything else.