Mixer mute state midi feedback using Novation Launch Control XL

Hello everyone, I got the Novation Launch Control XL and used midi-CAT to map buttons and faders mainly to MindMeld MixMaster jr. When I selected my Launch Control in the middle window of midi-CAT I got feedback for the mute status of the mixer’s channels, getting the relative led on the Launch Control to turn on when the channel was muted. I then saved the patch.

When I opened the patch later the mapping worked fine but I couldn’t get any feedback or any turned on led at all…

I’ve been playing with vcvRack for few weeks now, but I’m very new to all of this, especially things involving “midi communication” with a physical controller, because the novation is my first one.

Could anyone help me understand what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

A little update: I tried again multiple times, restarting vcvRack, selecting and deselecting the Launch Control in the output and input of midi-CAT, disconnecting and reconnecting the Launch Control… Suddenly a led lights up on the Launch Control, but it didn’t work in input, it couldn’t send any message. Tried again and again until somehow started to work again in input and output, controlling the mute buttons AND getting LEDs to light up according with the mute status of the various channels.

Still don’t know what happened, but worked fine long enough to make the recording I was trying to make.

Can anyone explain what went wrong? Thank you!

Hello, first, be sure to use the last release of MIDI Cat, you can find them here ( not in the VCV library at first). simply drag the folder manually in your plugin dir.

Then you can use a right click on each Midi assignation and use the toggle mode for the mute switches, works for me

Thank you for your reply. I used the toggle mode for the switches, and it worked fine indeed, but somehow the controller didn’t respond in the right way… just sometimes.

I’ll try to update midi-CAT and see if the issue appears again.