missing modules

Hi, everybody. I’m new on VCV rack 2 and I’m trying some patches from storage and when I download the missing modules they don’t appears. I tried to update but the problem still exist, even for VCV record module. There’s something doesn’t work, because other modules I take from library works and others not.

How can I resolve? There’s something in my computer?

thank you.

Hi, what is your OS? Win Lin Mac M1 M2 ?

Hi, is Windows 11

What version of VCV are you running 2.4.1 ? And how do you update ?

Also, when you start a patch with missing modules, it shows you (some of them) at the startup, could you make a screenshot ?

Hi again ,my version of VCV Rack is 2.1.2. I update from “Library” menu.

thank you

Install the latest Version. from here :

Scroll down and download version 2.4.1.

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