Misserfolg - A different kind of patch (for me, at least)

Hello there and friendly greetings!

So, I tried to do something out of my usual tracks. Rather than go on modulated noises, this time I tried something more melodic.

I am not going to say I am 100% satisfied nor 100% dissatisfied. Personally I think this patch is… Mediocre. I have the feeling that something is missing even tho I cannot figure out what is missing.

I like the chord sequence, I like the arpeggio but something don’t add up. Cannot figure out what. So I thought I need your help!

I need some criticisms and suggestions from more expert rackheads to help me figure out what is that “quid” that I feel it is missing and if my feeling is right.

You can download the patch in the usual place

Thanks in advance to everyone who will post his/her opinion! Have a great week y’all!


Well I found it rather relaxing and enjoyable. I could not think of anything that needed adding to the mix. There was the flute as riddim, there were bursts of cymbals and all worthy of Alex from Clockwork Orange. So satisfying.

OMG, best compliment ever!!! :smiling_face:

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You are being very critical of yourself which, I think, is a good point. The thing with this piece is that there’s only one idea. To make it more interesting you would need to introduce several ideas and alternate them. If I may be so bold, this is a piece by myself in which I try to do just that:

This. You are right. Not only with Misserfolg but, if I take a good look at all my previous patches, that is at least one of the “missing ingredients” I haven’t been able to identify so far. Every patch is one and one “idea” only.

It can work when it comes to droning but when it comes to melodic patches, even if it might be a good idea, if it does not have some sort of variations, it can give the feeling that something is missing or it is redundant.

Your example is really good and appropriate, thanks for sharing! :+1:

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