Minor suggestion

When Rack updates plugins, it then tells you to restart in order to use the new versions.

For me, an additional option when the plugins are all downloaded would be good: Just relaunch Rack, overlaying the current process. On the Linux/OSX side, this is done with an exec call, and runs the new instance from scratch.

EDIT I initially said that exec closed all file handles. It does not. Exec inherits all open file handles. It’s common to close open file handles that you don’t want to persist across the exec.

I don’t know the Windows way of doing this, but I reckon it’s possible.


If I recall correctly, after a complete update VCV Rack says that you need to restart VCV Rack, not the whole computer? :slight_smile:

(Edit: at least I have never rebooted [immediately following a Rack update, hah] and everything has worked 100% just by restarting Rack … : P)

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What I meant to say is ‘restart Rack’ – not reboot the computer.

I edited the original post. I can see how it was confusing.

Haha okay! Yeah, had it been “restart” I would have thought it refers to Rack, naturally, but “reboot” just made me think of rebooting the actual computer :+1:

Personally, I don’t mind the required Rack restart, BUT the dialog after updating has a tendency to get stuck behind the main window, at least on Windows and Linux, and you sort of just need to know/notice it’s there. The main window becomes unresponsive (as it’s awaiting a click on the dialog button) and for a new user it might just seem like the software jammed up.

I’ve never seen this are you using Rack full screen ?

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Nope, I don’t think I’ve used it full screen even once. But in my experience it isn’t uncommon for the “restart Rack” dialog to spawn behind the main window, seen it happen both in Windows and Linux indeed.

It might be some usage pattern thing that I’m not conscious of :P, as in, maybe when it’s updating I click somewhere else while waiting for it to complete, and the main window isn’t active when the dialog pops up, annnnd things are in a state that makes it pop up behind the window then. Something like that sounds likely.

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