MindMeld Mixmaster (update)

The great team at MindMeld rewrote a lot of how the inner workings of track settings work on MixMaster.

The way “set per track” will work from now on, is as follows: When you change from global to set per track, Mixmaster copies all the current global settings to individual tracks, and then lets you edit them on a per track basis.

For example when you change to “set per track”, the Mute/Solo CV are separate in the track settings so you can have different settings for each. This gives even greater more precise control over fades and mutes, sometimes you might want to use gates instead of triggers and vice versa, but not on all tracks. This is now independently applicable.

While testing the new advanced setting for MindMeld Mixmaster, which allows you to set Mute/Solo settings per track on any track and the aux-spander.

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top demo
and top additions to MixMaster


Great demo Latif!

Just to add this change affects all “set per track” settings, of which there are 6.

Before there was a default setting for set per track, so for example, if you changed all your VUs globally to blue, then changed VU colour to set per track, they would all change to green as that was the default set per track setting for VU colour. Now if all your VUs are globally blue, and you change to set per track, they will all stay blue, but you can now edit them on a per track basis. In other words, changing a setting to set per track no longer changes the current state at all - it just adds the ability to change things on a per track basis.