MindMeld MixMaster to Nysthi Polyrecorder

Is there a way to send MixMaster’s poly direct outs 1-8 and 9-16 to only one Polyrecorder? I think I have to use a VCV Split or/and Merge module but I can´t figure it out. Thanks!

Maybe like this? (Later edit… so don’t do this, see the info in the other messages about the poly outs carrying stereo - I missed that)


I need to download that infix module, I’ll try it later. Thank you!

@PaulPiko There is one problem here. Each channel occupies 2 contiguous channels on the poly out. So, Channel 1 Left is poly 1, Ch 1 Right is poly 2. Your solution will overwrite some of the outputs.

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I’m confused why you would want to?

MixMaster’s Poly Direct Outs are stereo - which means that each track is 2 channels (L & R). So the 1-8 output carries 8 stereo tracks = 16 channels of poly. That fully uses one instance of PolyRecorder. You need a 2nd PolyRecorder for tracks 9-16. And a third for the groups and Aux.

From the manual… (the manual is quite comprehensive and worth checking out :slight_smile: )


Ahh, I missed that. Thanks.

Lol - lets hope the OP comes back before recording with your patch :slight_smile:

Oh well, maybe it will be a new experimental form of music? :wink:

Serves me right for replying before coffee early on a Sunday morning :slight_smile:


Of course, he may be deaf in one ear and only listens to music on headphones - in which case your patch was exactly what he needed :rofl:


Ok, thanks to everyone! Actually, I didn’t have time to do what @PaulPiko suggested haha. I read the manual but misunderstood the 16 poly tracks = 8 stereo channels. Guess I’ll do it as it is in the manual, and then hook up all polyrecorders to the same trigger. Thanks again!

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@espejonico … depending on how you wanna process the file afterwards, I would still concider using the split/merge modules and just record one output of that channel as Monochannel and for Stereo-Signals a seperate Nyshti Stereo Master Recorder or VCV Recorder. But it all depends on your Mixing/Mastering workflow.

My 5cent: if I use the MindMeld … I use it completely for the Mixing part and record a stereo channel that I can master later in f.e. Ardour

now you can use the INTERLEAVER to move channels between MindMeld and mix8 (mix4, mix16) 10

and if your CPU is very powerful you can record 64 tracks too 26