MindMeld MixMaster: Poly out but post FX

I feel like I must be missing something, but I can’t figure out what.

Using MixMaster, the poly direct outs for 1-8 (I’m using Jr) are pre-aux. Make sense. The Grp/Aux outs are (logically) post-aux. I can verify that by running The Grp/Aux poly out to Audio-8 - I hear effects, there. But sending it to (in my case) PolyRec produces WAVs with no effects.

In my head, that’s an issue with Polyrecorder, but how can it be stripping effects from the signal?

And there’s a huge possibility that I’m over thinking this. I’ve been playing with this for a while and I’m frustrated.

Anyone have any thoughts?


maybe you need to adjust your setting in Polyrec

the direct outs of the channels (channel 1 e.g.) on the Grp/Aux are on channel 1/2 and the insert FX are on channel 10 …

so it can be that Polyrec only records channel 1 and 2. you can use the VCV split module to listen to seperate channels and investigate what`s going on.

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I think it would help if you could post a grab showing how you have things patched up?

Just for clarity - thinking in terms of pre and post-aux is perhaps not helpful as aux effects are not inline, they are bus sends. Therefore the audio from the poly outs 1-8 and 9-16 will always be dry. The first 4 stereo tracks (channels 1-8) of the GRP/Aux output will be the dry output of the 4 group tracks. The final 4 stereo tracks (channels 9-16) of the GRP/Aux output will be the wet signals coming back through the 4 Aux returns.

In other words, at no point do you get a ‘post-aux’ track recording that combines both the dry signal with added effects (a synth line with reverb added for example). In this example you would get the dry synth track recording, and another track recording for the return from the reverb that will include the synth reverb in it but also the reverb returns for all the other tracks that you sent to the reverb - hope that makes sense!

It can help to use our UnMeld module rather than VCV split to see what is going on as the 16 poly channels are labelled as L and R stereo tracks and it has different background SVGs (selectable from right click menu) for the 1-8, 9-16 and Grp/Aux poly outputs.


That helped. The issue was indeed Polyphonic Recorder. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just that it’s 8 channels. With the AUX starting at 9, it was never making it to the recorder.

Thanks so much for the help, guys.

And, Steve. You’re the guy behind MindMeld? Bravo, man. Your modules are spectacular.


Ah you need the Nysthi Polyrec64 which has 4 poly inputs (64 channels!)

If using with MM Jr you can hook it up like this:

Thank you for the kind words about MindMeld :slight_smile: - MindMeld is a collaboration between me (concept/design) and Marc Boulé (coding/development) - Marc is also the developer behind Impromptu Modular (his own) and Geodesics modules (in collaboration with Pyer).


Bravo to Marc, too.



A little off-topic perhaps, but between MindMeld, Impromptu, and Geodesics, I think you guys are in every one of my patches!