Mindmeld MixMaster: is it possible to filter groups before sends?

I’m trying to set up a general filter for my patches so I can modulate a LP or HP to some of the channels in Mindmeld’s MixMaster. The easiest way I’ve found is setting a group for those channels in MixMaster and then sending the poly insert Grp/Aux through a Unmeld → Filter → Meld and back into MixMaster (screenshot below).

The problem is that if those channels have sends (reverb and delay usually) the sent audio is not filtered. I’ve tried looking at the available options for internal audio chain routing of MixMaster but I haven’t found any that works for me. Am I missing something?

Can’t see in your screengrab, dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyway - have you set the group as 1 on the AUX sends to match?


Not dumb at all, if anything I’m the dumb here, never realized the aux sends can be grouped as well. That solved it! Thanks a lot!

No worries, glad it worked.