MindMeld Mixmaster + EQMaster + Rackwindows Console = Awesome

Just wanted to say how awesome this combination sounds! This is in my default patch.

I used to record multitrack, split the broadcast wav and import into Ableton for mixing. I’ve not done it for some time, because it was hard to make it sound better than this combo, mixed down to 2 channel audio.

One thing that would be cool is a recorder you could feed with the poly direct outs that knows how to record them to broadcast wav.


Wow. That looks so good it might be worth splitting any tracks you write in Ableton… into VCV Rack. :smile:

In case you weren’t aware of this trick, you can send the output of the Rackwindows module back into the chain inputs in the mixer, and solo those chain inputs (right-click option in the master label). This allows you to then use the master VU and master fader directly of the mixer :slight_smile:

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Figured that out but hadn’t changed my default patch yet.


What are your thoughts on Console?

One of the nysthi modules does poly recording. I’ve only used it the once to test how it worked. But was great. Otherwise, I tend to just record the stereo output with VCV’s recorder.

You mean RackWindow Console? I think it’s pretty subtle, but especially when the track count goes up it adds a certain I-don’t-know-what that glues the mix together.

Your mileage may vary. I haven’t done this but it would be good to add a crossfade so you can A/B with it bypassed and decide for yourself.

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neat! another not-so-obvious trick of this amazing swiss army knife of a mixer!


the nysthi polyrecorder 16 and 64 are what you want

record in
raw or WAV
16 24 or 32 bit
Int or Float

in pair if using stereo pair (there is an option)
and they consolidate to (if a channel is mute, space is not wasted) (there is an option)

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Is there any possibility of track names from mindmeld to be used in the filenames?

maybe in the future ?
we can establish a protocol and exchange information between Mixmaster and polyrec ? @marc_boule what do you think ?
when I’ll have again some time to work on VCV Rack !

the big problem could be “name collisions” for the files, but should be solved always appending the number of the saved track


That would be super awesome!!

That could be interesting, we already have something set up to communicate the track names to EQmaster, but all that is through a global class in the plugin, so I don’t know how it could be accessed from another plugin. But perhaps something could be tweaked, or something added to it, so that you could see it? Here’s how it currently works if you’re curious to see:

Plugin-scope message bus:

And where it resides: