MindMeld Announcements: MixMaster

MixMaster has now been released on GitHub for manual installation; it will be beamed over to the plugin library next week once quantum transport protocols have been established with the VCV Rack team.

MixMaster is an advanced, powerful and customisable studio mixing console emulation which gives you the kind of precision and control over your mix which up to now could only be achieved in a DAW.

Focus your tricorders on MixMaster’s feature set:

• 16 mono/stereo tracks • 4 Group busses and 4 Aux busses (with Auxspander) • Editable Track Labels/Scribble Strips • Gain adjustment (Trim) on every track (± 20dB) • Hi Pass Filter (HPF) on every track (18 dB/oct.) • Low Pass Filter (LPF) on every track (12 dB/oct.) • Fade automation with lin/log/exp curves • Track Re-ordering and copy/paste settings • User selectable pan law • Stereo balance and true stereo panning • Accurate RMS and Peak VUs with peak hold • User selectable VU colour and display colour • Long fader runs and fader linking • Inserts on every track and bus • Direct outs for every track and bus • Flexible signal routing options • Chain Input (pre/post Master) • Dim and fold to mono on the Master • CV Visualisation • CV control over just about everything… • Very CPU efficient

The manual is not quite ready yet (it’s also a bit of a monster!) but should be ready by the time the plugin hits the Library next week. In the meantime the one crucial piece of information you need to know about is to right-click on track/bus labels to access the track menus for gain, filters and fades etc. If you have any questions between now and when the manual is released, post them in the FB Group and I will do my best to answer them (time permitting…)


On a personal note, it’s hard to adequately express the debt of gratitude I owe Marc, without whom this project would be nothing more than an interesting idea and a pretty picture. Not just for agreeing to take this mammoth task on in the first place, but for being a total pleasure to work with throughout. Marc you are a scholar and a gentleman and a total VCV Rack legend! Thank you!

MindMeld would like to extend a special thank you to Latif ‘Worf’ Fital who has been involved from early on and more than earned his place on the bridge. Not only for his invaluable advice and feedback on which sonic weaponry the MixMaster should be outfitted with, but also for taking MixMaster through its ‘Rites of Ascension’ - a series of gruelling and painful tests designed to ensure that it will be ready for action when it materialises in your module browser.

We’d also like to thank our ‘focus group’ of power users – Omri Cohen, Espen Storø, Artem Leonov and Simon Bader – all of whom have contributed valuable ideas and feedback as well as beta-testing. Thanks guys!

And finally, a big thank you to Andrew Belt for his vision in creating VCV Rack and giving it freely to the community. So much learning is happening with this software on so many fronts (music, algorithms, software design, dsp, etc.), and it’s in this spirit of free software that we are motivated to add our small token to this open ecosystem.

“Improve a mechanical device and you may double productivity. But improve man, you gain a thousandfold.” - Khan Noonien Singh


This thing is incredible. Came here directly after @Omri_Cohen’s fantastic video. Thanks so much for all the work.


Thanks very much Marc and Steve,
you shouldn’t name your “company” MindMeld but MindBlowing
with such a superb module


This is absolutely amazing and solves all the little annoying problems with every other current solution. So deep, I can’t imagine the amount of work that’s gone in to it. I’d say this is a landmark module for VCV Rack, a prime example of what can be done when someone knows what they are doing.

Where can we donate?!


This old-ish dog is learning lots of new tricks, thanks to the generosity of so many people. It is a joy to explore this frontier and go where I haven’t been before…

Thank you.

P.S. Great name for the collaboration! I had a project called VulcanMindMeld, a programmer utility for the language Vulcan.NET. Vulcan.NET was a database programming language, named after Vulcan, the precursor to dBase II, the big database of the 80s.



Thanks @TroubledMind The donate link will appear in the plugin library entry for MindMeld, but here’s the link if you want to extend a few units of currency our way :wink: .

Any donation is greatly appreciated, as a lot of work did in effect go into making it :slight_smile:


Thanks Marc, done! I wish it could be more but I’ve sent what I can afford. I’m so grateful for this mixer, ever since coming to rack/modular mixers have been troublesome, always something missing or just long winded to achieve. To me this really pushes the boundaries of how much can be done (the seamless connection of the aux module is beautiful) and raises the stakes a lot for Rack.

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That is very kind of you; and it’s the intention that counts, not the amount, so please accept Steve and I’s gratitude, and enjoy the mixer!


TroubledMind - thank you! - that was a very generous donation (and in fact our first!). Much appreciated!

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Paul and Stephan - thank you! makes such a difference when people actually do it :slight_smile:


Many thanks!

Looks really useful and very nicely designed. I like these huge, luxurious modules.


Love it. Thanks so much.


Here’s a select features overview video :slight_smile:

And a start template to get you going for anyone needing it, have fun!


This is really great work!


Holy crap! This is so good. Donation on it’s way.


Awesome demo of the features, and btw the music is great !!!


Great plugin and great demo. Thanks very much.


Just watched the demo video and it looks like there is everything in there, that one could wish for. :slight_smile: …one question appeared while watching : It was mentioned, that the master fader has soft clipping. I guess, this means all other faders will clip at 0 db ?
Only making sure, that the picture below is not an mixing option… :wink: