Mind Meld Mix Master Multitrack Aux Returns Onto Direct Out.

So I’m trying to Multitrack the 8 Stereo Channels of Mix Master JR out into Ableton through the VCV Audio 16 and I’ve noticed that the direct outs are pre aux with the aux signal coming out of the group/aux poly out, but the issue is that the interface doesn’t have enough channels for me to multitrack record each aux on separate channels.

Does anyone have any insight or experience on how to best “merge” The corresponding aux with their channels to multitrack record so that the Auxspander essentially functions as wet/dry/Volume control for the individual effects on each channel going to Ableton? Obviously this can’t be done with Meld, Unmeld, Split, or Merge as They would bypass the poly input. I’m contemplating a possible fix with Stoermelder INFIX, but that may not do it either.

Most Likely the fix would be to take the individual Poly inputs and corresponding aux out to a 4 (and subsequent) channel (2+ stereo) mixer for each channel and then Meld → UnMeld that out to Ableton. but this seems far from the optimal solution as it would be a little cpu heavy and messy for a basic multitrack out template.


Maybe try routing the auxes to a group and use the group out 1/2. That way you could have at least 2 separate stereo „FX stems“ in ableton?

It’s not exactly like having the fx on each channel separately but when it comes to mixing you might want dry stems and wet stems anyway.

That’s a great idea! I would just probably have an issue with the fx group being global so I would have to commit to the overall balance and only be able to adjust the level of that when recorded instead of just getting it on a track by track basis and committing to that in case an effect is just too much on one channel and I don’t feel like changing the entire global effect bounce. As well as just limiting me to 7 tracks and a global effect return and eating up one of my groups.

Will have to try it though in some applications. Thanks!

I’ve uploaded the basic template of the “mixer stack” method on the first two channels here. https://patchstorage.com/mmjr-multi-track-out-temp/ Obviously not the cleanest or most efficient solution, but it works.

Unless I misunderstood what you are trying to do, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s impossible to have each track with its own reverb effect separately when using one stereo reverb FX, since all the reverbs come out of the reverb module implicitly mixed together.

Just an idea - you might want to put in a feature request for the ability to have more channels in the Rack DAW driver…

The DAW driver is currently limited to 16 channels. MM Jr would require 28 DAW channels for full multi-track operation and MM Sr would need 48.


If I recall correctly this is already on the road map.

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NYSTHI’s Polyrec 64 might be an option. You will have to import the stems and perhaps trim them but if recorded from an instance synced to your DAW they should line up with your grid just fine.

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Precisely, Yes.

The Mixer stack idea is basically to be able to monitor back a custom mix of the aux returns on a track by track basis ie: All reverbs tied to voice 1 & All delays tied to voice 2 etc. while also having the ability to custom mix them ie: Granular Clouds return on Channel 6, Flanger on 8, Reverb on 3 or really any configuration and be fluid so then the appropriate effect returns would fade in and out with the track + save you the space on your output module to fit up to 8 voices.

I was trying to monitor the FX out baked into my one stereo channel as I was only using 1 voice and didn’t have any outputs set to other tracks in Ableton at the time and this was just a very roundabout way of doing that just to monitor my effects on the same channel as the voice. I recognize that the optimal multitrack out would be individual wet outputs for Sends A-D, or however many are used, aside the individual direct outs, but then available outputs becomes the issue which can be mostly remedied by @aetrion-music 's group bus idea.

Otherwise just keeping separate voices/patches in separate instances of VCV is probably the most functional as the issue isn’t in the MixMaster at all but rather my intended use and Rack’s driver integration into the DAW, which admittedly in any capacity is already an amazing thing! I’m also a little newer to Ableton, coming from Reaper so I felt stubbornly locked into to one “Master” instance of Rack to track out everything, using MM as the routing brain. So definitely for bigger multi-track stuff individual modules on a per voice basis seems to be the most sensible until it’s feasible to have, say, and this would be a dream come true: enough channels to stereo out a whole Mix Master + 4 Aux Tracks/Groups.

Thanks a ton!

Yes, this would be amazing to couple with a StoerMelder Audio 64 for the utmost multitracking joy!

I’ve now updated the “Mixer Stack” patch to be a playable example of what I’m trying to do. It does get a little messy and CPU intensive, but it’s a ton of fun to play around with! Once again the updated patch is located : https://patchstorage.com/mmjr-multi-track-out-temp/