Min/max voltage module?

Ok, so it’s really stupid of me, but I can’t find the simplest module possible: the one which outputs max/min of several voltages. The only one I found is Befaco Rampage which works with only two voltages; stacking 7 copies of them to get minimum of 8 voltages seems ridiculous. Also I can get around with multiple copies of Frank Buss formula (praise it) but this looks clumsy too, especially since the problem I’m trying to solve is so simple! Any polyphonic/multiple inputs solutions anyone came across?

You can use one of the Submarine modules, A0-106, A0-112, A0-118, etc.

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I knew there must be a submarine module which does it; I didn’t get the 2d matrix calculation scheme at first, but know I see how I can use it. Thanks a lot! Still 17 HP to get min of 8 voltages is so much…

Minimus Maxiumus from Count Modula seems to be an alternative for four signals…

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Audible Instruments Utilities does this.