Migration to pc

After I moved back from Mac to PC, its no longer connecting to the server and updating/checking modules. I guess it may be cos I copied a load of stuff from the mac onto a portable HD then copied this over to the new PC instead of installing it from the internet again. Or is it some windows 10 shenanigans blocking access? Any suggestions pls?

You’ll probably have to delete the login token from the json.

Documents>Rack>settings-v1.json the top value is login info "token": "xxx", just delete what is in between the quotation marks so you end up with "token": "",

Oh never mind thought I read can’t login (still early here). You have the mac binaries probably you’ll have to delete the plugins-v1 contents and re-download for windows.

@Coirt Not sure why that would be the cause.

@alheeley What warnings does the log.txt say?

Updated :zzz:

No errors, it just says querying for updates and never getting anywhere, or when i ty to log in via vcv rack it just sits there trying and never managing it.

Are you running 1.1.6? I think there was some SSL certificate problem with 1.1.4…

Maybe a proxy problem on your computer ? or on the Network you are using ? i had the same issue once on my University wifi

Have you tried backing it up then doing a clean install from scratch? If that fails then there is a computer or network problem; it it succeeds then be careful of what you copy in to the Rack directory. Patches and presets shouldn’t cause a problem.

seems a lot of my folders were copied over and given read-only status. I’ll do a fresh install and check the status…

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Solved - over-zealous firewall. I disabled it and av, then ran Rack & logged in, back to normal now :slight_smile: