Midilar Knots (new MIDI controller)

Hello friends,

if you have time, you can join me today for the premiere of my new MIDI controller for the VCV Rack on my youtube channel at 7 pm (CET).

Have a nice day.



cant wait! just discovered midilar a few days ago when researching how best to control my vcv patch

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Some magic going on here :grinning:


What a cool gadget, @mudjakub! :slight_smile: What’s the exact dimension of the face panel? Accepting orders for Midilar Knots? Are Midilar Nó and the Eurorack Midilar marked for market withdrawal?


yes what he said, let us know.

i was hoping to make a custom midi controller using mostly faders and knobs, are you still making those and accepting orders?

i didnt see a fader module in the demo video for knots, will that be an option as well?

Thank you @FiroLFO !

It is 42 hp, it means 12,8 cm x 21,3 cm.

No, happy to continue to produce them.

If you are interested, feel free to write me at: midilar.controller@gmail.com

Thanks, Jakub

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Thank you @zakforrest!

If you mean Midilar nĂł and Eurorack Midilar, so yes, I accept orders.

For now, fader module is not planned as an option for Midilar Knots.



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Two Midilar Knots chained together. Small ambient patch.

There is a possibility to chain 2 Midilar Knots together. It means per one USB you can control 2 units of Knots. Time to make separate panel without holes for USB cable, screws and LED for chained unit of Knots :slight_smile:


It’s good to be back with a music video. Thank you for listening and watching.