MIDI Smoothing is Gone Altogether?

I know @Vortico removed Bontrics MIDI smoothing, but I was under the impression that he replaced it with something simpler. I just hooked up my new MIDI Fighter Twister and there seems to be no smoothing at all between the 256 MIDI steps of the encoder knobs. The VCOs and filters sound like they are falling down a flight of stairs when I twist yon knob.

I guess I’ll post back to my original GutHub request again. As it stands now, using an external controller works not so well for slow adjustments. The stepping is too obvious and grating.

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What encoder setting do you have it on? Responsive or high resolution? You might try whichever setting you don’t have it on… I agree with you though… The response is approaching usable but it feels like 1.0 needs more bug fixes until it will have ableton like midi responsiveness.

I know that Ableton supports 14-bit resolution for MIDI controllers giving like 17,000 steps or something like that. There was some chatter earlier about Andrew incorporating some form of 14-bit resolution but I don’t know if t happened or any specifics about it. Also, I am far from a MIDI “expert.”

I will have a look at the Twister’s app to see if other settings make a difference.

Just checked. It was set to High Sensitivity. I tried Responsive. Much worse. Sadness. :sob:

So internally there are two types of encoder for the twister responsive and high resolution… but there is also a setting that makes more of a difference externally… and that is for CC, Note, or ENC3FH41H… If it is something that needs to be dealt with because of the midi spec it might be that option… BUT CC has worked for me with every software I have used and I’m inclined to just leave it there because… the ENC option does not work with vcv

Ahhh, well… I would say it’s back to patience is a virtue for us… I know rock solid midi control is possible with these controllers… Because I get that from them in ableton live every day.

Are you using MIDI-MAP? If yes, there is a issue on GitHub:


My beatstep encoders work really well, i don’t have these issues. So maybe it’s a problem in the configuration of the twister ? I’m not an expert on midi i really can’t say…


I was just comparing the behavior of MIDI-MAP verses MIDI-CV. While MIDI-CV “may be” slightly smoother, if has it’s own peculiarities. At least with the MIDI Fighter Twister. If I map an encoder to a knob CV on a module using MIDI-CC, as I turn the encoder the values do not change evenly. They values change with a slight twist, then a bigger twist then a slight twist, then bigger. da-da … da-da … da-da.