Midi slew?

is there a way to add a teeny amount of slew to midi cc mapped stuff. right now i have pitch and volume controlled by a korg nanocontrol and i wish the changes werent so abrupt, is there a way to add slew directly, without converting the midi signal into CV and then running through a slew module? i was hoping there was a more clean way to do it with midi mapping. i have tons of knobs mapped and would be much cleaner…

add a midi module (midi cc ) it will convert your cc to cv and just add slew limiter to the signal (befaco have one)

edited sorry I had not read the part “without convert to cv” you are looking for a midi explorer and editor

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I think a wonderful feature to a midi map module could be you click on the parameter you have mapped, and then type in how much slew you want applied to the knob turn, and voila. Perhaps acceleration curves could be added too.

I have tons of parameters mapped to midi and it would be an insane patch to add slew everywhere, I prefer the wireless version where a midi map module connects my midi hardware directly to a knob.

I think the best way would be to start with the MIDI CC module to convert to CV, merge all of the CV that you want to slew onto a polyphonic cable using a Merge module, connect that polyphonic cable to slew them all using a single module, then connect that output to Stoermelder’s CV-MAP in order to get the wireless parameter modulation across dozens of parameters.