Midi Player Tempo Issues

Anyone else have lots of tempo inconsistencies with Wrong People Midi Player and STS Midi File Player Plus? Everything else comes out alright, but the bpm is completely off, and even if I correct it, it drifts off the mark.

My Ryzen 5 3600 (using 6 threads, Real Time Priority off) seems to be ok with it, but i’m lead to believe that it might be some problem with the ammount of stuff that’s going on, as the fluctuations get worse when there’s more messages being sent to the hardware synth.

Is this perhaps too much for the midi connection to handle? What would be the most stable solution to my problem?

Is there an audio-I/O-Module (Audio-8) somewhere in your patch? If not, try that, I don’t know the reason behind that, but without an audio-module I don’t get a stable midi clock.

Should it be in ASIO or Wasapi?

I have tried both, and it seems to be inconsistant either way

Ok then, we have to dig deeper. What is your patch doing? Playing a midifile while controlling Midi-CC on an external Synth? If yes: Is there a way to clock the midifile-player-plus? Then use an impromptu clock for all the sequencers and the midifileplayer. If not, then try to load the midifile in a different midiplayer (entrian player : melody or timeline for example) and clock that with impromptu clocked.

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Yes, it is playing a midi file while controlling Midi-CC on an external synth Is there a way to clock the midifile-player-plus? Sadly, I don’t think so, that would be ideal, cuz i could just run everything from the main trigseq. I’ll try the entrian player and report on the results

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Entrian player : melody fixed the issue. The timing is still slightly off at times, but much more manageably so. It could probably go away with some tweaks to the patch, but it’s not even necessary as a bit of editing will clear it up. Thank you very much!

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Seq++ dumps all the tempo info when you import a midi file, then let’s you clock it perfectly accurately. And it’s free.

I tried that one as well, and it suffered from the same tempo issues, oddly enough. Not to mention some notes were completely off, even ignoring the tempo problems

Oh, interesting. Notes cut off is usually from setting the polyphony output too low, but drift is quite odd.