Midi playable Quantizer or Scalar

What I’d love to be able to do is play a quantizer with my Keystep.
Use Case: I press a key or a chord on my midi keyboard. Those keys get turned on in the quantizer and stay on until I press a new (set of) key(s).

For as far as I know, the current versions of both quantizer and scalar do not support midi-note inputs, and I wouldn’t know how to patch this using cv-pam…

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I’ve never been in a position to use a midi controler but noobhour customscaler it polyphonic (and awesome). I don’t remember off hand but if you just type “poly” in th emodule browser you get all the current poly modules (as far as I know).

I’m not sure it’s possible at the moment, but maybe i’m wrong and someone could correct me :slight_smile:
The closest thing would be, Put a random Arpeggio on Latch mode, and play chords. Basically, you’ll have the same result, but all in the Keystep.
Yeah, that would make your Keystep a “generative sequencer” but you won’t be able to quantize other things with it…

There is no thing like “midi-note inputs”, the midi-module outputs CV with simple V/oct. Just patch it to Quantum and it should work how you described.

i think what he wanted is being able to set the scale of the quantizer by playing a chord on his keyboard

Quantum has two inputs for “note” and “toggle,” connect them to a MIDI-CV modules “CV” and “Gate” outputs. Now you can toggle notes on and off with your keyboard.
If the MIDI-CV module is set to polyphonic you can set Quantum to “Poly Gate Mode” in it’s right-click menu and play it like an arpeggiator.

that’s not what he wants… he wants to change the scale of the quantizer with his keyboards…

Ok, I missunderstood then. I don’t think there is a quantizer that is controllable in such a way.

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yeah that’s what i thought too :slight_smile: Maybe someday, it’s true it would be interesting.

Until then, it’s the closest we can get

@dag2099 was right, in Customscaler by Noobhour you can activate notes by CV. You have to figure out how to reset the notes, but looks promising.

(I have three instances of vult Leakage controlling my customscaler. It’s just occured to me that marbles might be a good call as well though. My last youtube video does this stuff but I always get a bit self concious about linking my stuff outside of my own threads.)

edit: sorry all the above is rubbish, I hadn’t read what you wanted. It’s pretty interesting to control one customscaler with another. So you have the superset of all notes you want to be available on one and the use that as a template for the other. Maybe use 2 customscalers as templates and use a flip pan to gradually switch between the 2?

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Just returned from a refreshing swim and you guys were all over this. I love this community.

I’m gonna give customscaler a go then. Thing i’m trying to do is the following:
I scratch with my turntables and I use the output to in VCV. The volume coming out controls the VCA, the pitch controls the 1v/oct through an envelope follower, Nysthi’s P2V and finally Quantum (kinda works, still a lot of work to be done there). The next step would be to add keyboard control over quantum, so I’d be in full control.
I’ll let you guys know how customscaler works out, and when i feel confident enough I’ll share some video

This patch does exactly that : PlayQuantum - 29062019.vcv (2.7 KB)


Will check!

Oh my, could be so easy… thanks!

It really was so simple…
Thanks @Yeager