midi patch cable emulator

Does anyone make a midi controller that imitates patch cables and knobs or switches?

Knobs and switches (or at least buttons which can work as switches), tons; what form factor and capabilities are you looking for? @andrew has an emerging hardware suite close coupling to Rack; I don’t know much about it, but the info is here and the Library page for the corresponding modules is here.

Patch cables, much less so. I have a little discussion about remote patching over here (look for Background/Philosophy). To bring the main points over:

  • Midilar is still the only hardware controller with actual patch points that I’m aware of (and it may be just what you’re looking for); it uses…
  • T7 from PackTau, which allows pre-configuring MIDI commands to run cables in Rack.

When it’s released (Q1 2022?) my own module, TapPatch (which is heavily indebted to T7, by the way!) will allow zero-configuration patching from any MIDI controller with at least 8 pads or buttons (possibly 6), as well as from a keyboard. The tradeoff for zero-configuration is that you still need to look at the screen.


Yeah midilar is interesting.