midi panic button or any other way to send out an all notes off message

I have a DSI Evolver hardware synth that sometimes cannot cope with all the midi information it gets sent. So I get hanging notes and other weird sounds (yeah, I know, that’s what modular is all about)

There’s a midi panic option in the right click menu of CV-MIDI (VCV), but you need to navigate to the module to activate that.

My questions;

  1. is there a way to remotely trigger a right-click menu item?
  2. Is there another way to send a midi panic message to a synth?
  3. would anybody be willing to create a generic, all channel midi panic (all notes off) module?
  4. or is this already possible in some, module? Maybe one of those esoteric nerdy scripting ones?
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Good idea Joop

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My MPE module actually only listens to MIDI in signals. I implemented a panic menu item the same way as the core modules do. I put your request on my endless feature list, because I plan to implement sending MIDI signals out, but please be patient.

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Could it be done with Modscript Lune? (I think it’s not in the library, btw)

It could be done with the module plein lune.

I was not aware that this module exists.

i guessed so.

Now if anyone with some experience with scripts (I know there are some of those here in the forum) could help me (us) out creating a script that does that (ideally, sending out an all channel Midi all notes off message), that would be awesome.

I had a quick look at the module’s github, and needed a panic buttom for myself.

Sorry, I was wrong. You can only send MIDI messages to one particular channel. So to set all notes off on all channels, you will need 16 modules (for the MIDI channels 1 to 16) containing the same script and be triggered by an additional button-module that sends a trigger signal to all 16 modules at the same time. Btw, I’m not an expert in Lua coding.

That would be a bit cumbersome, yes.

But for one synth it could do what I need, I guess.

As I said, I’m not an expert in Lua, but here’s a quick hack:

config.frameDivider = 1
config.bufferSize = 32

done = false
buttonTrig = SchmittTrigger.new()

function process(block)
	if buttonTrig:process(block.button and 0 or 1) then
		sendMidiMessage(11, 120, 0)
		sendMidiMessage(11, 123, 0)

On the module pleine lune, this code will send an AllSoundsOf-message and an AllNotesOff-message to the choosen MIDI out device on the choosen MIDI channel (both have to be set in the context menu).

You can download the Lua-file here: Dropbox - midi_panic.lua - Simplify your life

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I made a request for ModScript to enable selection of interface and midi channel in the script.

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Yes it is, but the OP wants to send AllNotesOff on all channels. Therefore 16 modules are needed.

I understand now, the midi channel is not exposed in the scripting language (LuaJIT)

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For my immediate needs, one channel would be enough.

A generic panic button would be pretty useful, though.

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