Midi note triggers

Dear community, please forgive me for not spending another few hours on googling. I am a new vcv rack pro user and have spend a lot of hours since yesterday learning the ropes of modular. I have a Roland TR-08 which I want to use for sequencing beats. I learned how to use it as a midi controller via midi maps but what I cannot figure out is how to use individual notes as triggers. All I get from the controller comes on channel 1 and I cannot separate the notes to use them as triggers/gates. I am running on Mac and don’t know what else to try. Quantising was my latest try and that didn’t work. Sorry for probably not adding relevant details but I am tired… Any hints at this point are very welcome indeed.

VCV MIDI Gate would seem to do what you’re describing:


Since you want triggers, there are various ways to convert gates to triggers (maybe this thread helps): True gate to trigger conversion - Plugins & Modules - VCV Community (vcvrack.com)


Thank you, that is it. I finally got this working and will stay at it to share the patch when I got the basic setup done.

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