MIDI Note Off and Kinda Note Hang

So next integration question – I’ve got VCV rack playing nicely and all latency-adjusted with Ableton Live.

The thing is, when one note ends and another begins immediately, VCV rack doesn’t always switch to the new note.

I saw this fellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ztg_tZYnnY&t=228s also had the same problem and solved it just by shortening the notes in the editor a bit at the end. However, for my particular piece I would like the notes to go immediately from one to the next.

I could cheat by just adding a bit more sustain to cover the gap, but first I wanted to check and make sure there isn’t a better technical solution (do I just need to send a note off at a specific velocity or something? Should I use a different oscillator than the VCO-1? etc. etc.)

Thanks again for all the help guys, I’m hoping once I know a bit more I can give more answers than just questions