MIDI Note Off and Kinda Note Hang

So next integration question – I’ve got VCV rack playing nicely and all latency-adjusted with Ableton Live.

The thing is, when one note ends and another begins immediately, VCV rack doesn’t always switch to the new note.

I saw this fellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ztg_tZYnnY&t=228s also had the same problem and solved it just by shortening the notes in the editor a bit at the end. However, for my particular piece I would like the notes to go immediately from one to the next.

I could cheat by just adding a bit more sustain to cover the gap, but first I wanted to check and make sure there isn’t a better technical solution (do I just need to send a note off at a specific velocity or something? Should I use a different oscillator than the VCO-1? etc. etc.)

Thanks again for all the help guys, I’m hoping once I know a bit more I can give more answers than just questions

Same issue. Max to vcv midi-cv. A first note with duration longer than the receipt of next note causes a hang, but after the first note duration elapses some notes play as scheduled, some do not. Shortening all note durations fixes problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Increase the polyphony. Think analog. You are making the gate go high and stay high. Even though you want it to retrigger. My sequencers don’t have that issue, but ppl don’t like them much.

Try using the Retrigger port (marked RETR) rather than Gate.

thatvideo is a super old version of rack running via bridge I think

connect the triger and the retrigger cables to your adsr