MIDI monitoring


I would like to monitor MIDI port between Vital and Launch Control XT. When I use motitoring systems like LoopMidi or MIDI-OX, I can’t see the Live MIDI Port. So I thought about create a MIDI “stuff” in VCV, and monitoring in VCV. But I’m lost between Loop, virtual MIDI, connetions between all these options…

An idea? Thank you. Alain

What options are available depends on the OS you’re running, which you haven’t mentioned.

Didn’t know that. W11 !

I’m sure there are better ones, but I use “Pocket MIDI”

Thank you.

For those who are looking for MIDI monitoring, I tried these one:

May be I understand now what’s going on.

I have Launch Control XL:

  • which receives MIDI messages for light its LED (CC messages)
  • which sends messages (Note or CC) to Ableton live (Faders, buttons)

And I would like to display the messages from “Ableton live” to Launch Control XL (still working on a patch in VCV Rack to interface VCV and Launch Control XL.

So I guess I have to create a virtual MIDI port, and use it between Launch Control XL and Ableton live in VCV Rack; like that, I would be able to monitor these messages…

:face_with_thermometer: Alain

Windows doesn’t support virtual midi ports yet. (Coming fairly soon.)

Maybe there’s an Ableton feature or plugin that can be used to monitor/route midi.

Oups. May be I don’t use the right word, but I use LoopMIDI, on W11 and older Windows versions. I create and use different virtual MIDI ports from it and between VCV Rack, Surge XT synthetiser, and Vital.


Right - LoopMidi is a third party driver that gives you virtual ports.

Windows will have the ability built in for virtual ports and app-to-app midi when the MIDI 2.0 support ships later this year.

Ok. Thanks