midi mappng with computer (laptop) QWERTY keyboard

I am unable to get VCV’s Midi Map module to recognize CC’s from my laptop no matter if I use “Computer Keyboard and QWERTY” or “Windows Midi and Dell Laptop” in the modules devices menu.

I’ve searched the VCV community and YouTube. Thanks for the help…

Can u post up a pic of how you’ve patched it?

VCV MIDI Map doesn’t map notes, it only maps CC’s.
All that a computer keyboard can send are notes as far as I know.

Example of note vs CC:
Note ==> ch1 note on 76 vel 127
CC ==> ch1 cc10=103

If you want the notes of the computer keyboard to be mapped then I suggest you use:

MIDI-CAT from Stormelder
It can map notes as well as CC’s

hope this help :smiley: