Midi Mapping not working in Rack 2

So it’s confirmed that Midi Map VCV module doesn’t work in rack 2. And it has never worked in all the betas etc. Do you guys think this will be fixed any time soon? I feel that midi control of parameters is kind of a must-have. I know it’s free so I don’t resent that. But I cannot open my wallet for a feature that is so essential. I’d spring for pro today if this feature worked – the simple ability to map a knob to control something. Given the developer’s extremely long dev time, what are the chances this gets fixed in the next year or so?

They are aware of the problem and it will be fixed soon.

Bugs have been fixed pretty quickly over the last few months - I’d be very surprised if this took longer than a week or so to resolve.

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I bugs I have reported have been addressed in reasonable time. Usually it’s a matter of resources and priorities.

This is a non-constructive thread and also repeated, please close it

Hey, we don’t need multiple posts on this and please let’s keep it civil.

Please keep in mind that Rack 2 only came out recently and there have been two updates since then and another that should not be too far away.

Sure, before that there was a gap but that was also a major version.

Midi mapping is not a feature that you should expect to pay for in VCV. Yes, there was a bug, but it’s being worked on and it shouldn’t be too long till there’s a fix I suspect.

I will bet you $10 that is will be fixed in the next 12 months. Would you like to do that?

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I don’t know how to respond.

We probably don’t need to make bets on this kind of thing, I can understand the frustration.

Oh, for sure. Last time when a lot of sniping was going on I bet someone here the VCV 2 would come out in 2021. Just trying to make another $10.

I specially find annoying this.

Rack 2.0.3 is out and your bug should be fixed.

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Yup! Just verified, it’s fixed :raised_hands::guitar: Thanks Andrew!

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