Midi Mapping and TouchOSC Tutorial

I have created a video about using TouchOSC with VCV Rack. It is not my first tutorial but it is the first to use both live camera and OBS studio. I struggled but I think this turned out pretty well overall. I hope this tutorial can help someone who wants a midi controller but has not bought hardware yet.

The patch and the TouchOSC layout that I created are here:

I love this community and the opportunity to create and share.


Yeah! I’m about to finish my first patch with this funny tool. It’s really cool since you can do a different cockpit for each one…
Thanks for sharing.

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Here is a link to an OSC Touch layout (VCV Rack Console) I made for Ipad:

And if I can recommend something, then use the Stoermelder MIDI-CAT Module and not the VCV MIDI MAP Module. I have already described the reason here:

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Thanks @Rainer. Artem suggested the MIDI-CAT this morning and I do like it. I have already switched to using it. I must admit that I did not know that it existed.
Your layout for the VCV console is very cool. I like the idea of having a console and map preset as a strip to load. Awesome productivity.
For me, saving the midi-cat as part of the template works very well.

It is amazing that after creating a tutorial, I am taught many new things by this community.
Thanks again.

That’s the thing about this community. Everybody seems to help everybody if he can.