MIDI MAP module works with Ableton Live using extra MIDI track

I was playing with VCV Rack VST and Ableton and discovered how to use MIDI MAP module. Maybe it will help someone…



What are the benefits, compared to mapping parameters/controls the “normal” way ? (Midimapping macro control knobs, mapped to VST parameters.)

I’m not used to working with a seperate track for automation. I’m thinking it will be hard to keep them in sync, if moving things around.

Max 16 mapped controls using knobs:

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Thank you. For example, you can use VCV Rack as an instrument with fixed MIDI mapping and this way you can open it in different projects. Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know, you can’t save presets in Ableton with MIDI mappings.

MIDI mappings in Ableton are saved only under whole project, not as preset.

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