MIDI Keyboards & Polyphony

I’ve been enjoying Polyphony recently and starting to create more patches using it. I couldn’t find a patch demo of MIDI Polyphony including Envelope and VCA, so I put one together:

  • MIDI input is QuNexus Touch Keyboard
  • Set MIDI-CV to use 6 polyphony input channels for chords and long releases
  • First ADSR envelope controls VCA
  • Second ADSR envelope controls Filter frequency

Any other Polyphonic patching tips out there?


I find it useful to use the Sum module to convert back to non-polyphonic mode as soon as I no longer need to process each individual note. It saves a lot of processor and gives you more options.


Great. Thanks for the suggestion. For this patch, I’ve now added a Sum and plugged the Filter LPF into it.

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